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Smallest live install image with x windows and wpa wireless support?

How small a minimal base-install  image can one build with live-build that will run aptitude over a wpa wireless network?
With a cli interface?
With light gui environment?

I am trying to circumvent the the lack of a wpa capable cli network manager in the standard sid/squeeze net install image (160M?).

It was possible (from the command line) install form the netinstall image off of the net , reboot , install wpasupplicant from the iso, populate /etc/network/interfaces by hand and get on the wpa network, and upgrade but that seems harder than it has to be.

I was able to  build an minimal xfce live install cd that weighed in as a 330 meg .iso .  With that I could install, reboot, login to the wireless wpa and upgrade with a gui.  gdm3 pulled about 150 meg. 



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