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Re: Smallest live install image with x windows and wpa wireless support?

On 02/03/2011 10:00 PM, Scott A wrote:
> How small a minimal base-install  image can one build with live-build
> that will run aptitude over a wpa wireless network?
> With a cli interface?
> With light gui environment?

the manual has some hints on how to build small images. however, sizing
down is a manual and iterative task different for every use-case,
there's no really a ready made recipe to follow.

> I was able to  build an minimal xfce live install cd that weighed in as
> a 330 meg .iso .  With that I could install, reboot, login to the
> wireless wpa and upgrade with a gui.  gdm3 pulled about 150 meg. 

don't use gdm3 then, live-config supports autologin with other, lighter
display managers too.

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