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live build 2.0.12 and docs are great!!

I am not sure if live build has been refined and the manual improved since late November; however, I had a much easier time building a live CD yesterday than I did in November.

The manual telling me where to look to browse the contents of package lists (/usr/share/live/build/lists/) was very helpful.  The direction for the tasksel options , in particular the  "debian  blend"  tasks, was hard to to follow.
Running apt-cache search taskel provided the names of the *-task packages that needed installed to that  the specialists/blend tasks would appear the output of 'taskel --list-tasks'.      This list of tasks then provided the keyword for live-build.

The --repositories template in /usr/share/live/build enabled me to cleanly add 2 non-debian repositories to my live-cd source packages with none of the trouble I  had in November. 

The auto/config tutorial walked me through iterating while limiting my downloads and refining my final system.
All in all the live-build worked well for me and the documentation at http://live.debian.net/manual/en/ was very helpful for find the keywords for the config scripts. 



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