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Re: Renovate debian-live wiki?

On 23/01/11 10:37 AM, Charles Russell wrote:
> Personally, I might add or edit text occasionally, but I will not spend
> much time to learn a markup language that I would use only once or twice
> a year.

Well, either you want to contribute or you just want to complain. I've
already directed you to the appropriate list to discuss your issues. The
rest of this discussion has been off-topic for the list, so let's try to
bring it speedily to a close ...

> "I don't understand what you think is different about the live system
> that the wiki doesn't address. Maybe you could furnish a particular
> example to help me understand?"
> 1) I want to run debian from a thumb drive.  Which files do I need, and
> what do I do with them?

Take any of the hybrid iso live images and dd it to the drive. Boot it
and you're up and running. I don't think deep structural changes to the
Debian wiki are needed to say that. Just a brief mention in the
appropriate place.

> 2) My laptop won't connect to the internet, even though it works with
> distribution X, and Y, and Z.  Why is this, and where can I find a
> cookbook workaround?  (Not in your job description, I know.  But try to
> see things as a new user.  The aptosid manual handles this well.)

I can't help with the specifics, but this is going to be the same answer
whether it's with Debian Live or not. I'm not saying there shouldn't be
doc about this, just that it doesn't belong in the Debian Live doc.

> Debian-live may not be a "distribution" but it is likely to be the face
> of debian for a new user.

Sure. I hope Debian's user documentation catches up quickly with what
we've produced. Unfortunately, since I haven't signed up to be general
user support, but rather just Debian Live support, I am not well
positioned to make that happen. You, on the other hand, can add your
voice to the voices of other users seeking help in the community to try
to help improve that documentation, and who knows, maybe even help touch
up a wiki page or two to make things a little better for everyone.


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