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Re: Renovate debian-live wiki?

Ben Armstrong wrote:

"It's not a matter of clout. It's a wiki, which means anyone can contribute."

It is tree-structured, and I think it needs revision of the top-level structure to provide a logical place for debian-live (speaking of the end product, not the tool). The wiki is wholly oriented to full installation. Other wikis are sometimes set up with an empty structure with stubs for users to fill in, which makes things easier. Personally, I might add or edit text occasionally, but I will not spend much time to learn a markup language that I would use only once or twice a year.

"I don't understand what you think is different about the live system that the wiki doesn't address. Maybe you could furnish a particular example to help me understand?"

1) I want to run debian from a thumb drive. Which files do I need, and what do I do with them? 2) My laptop won't connect to the internet, even though it works with distribution X, and Y, and Z. Why is this, and where can I find a cookbook workaround? (Not in your job description, I know. But try to see things as a new user. The aptosid manual handles this well.)

Debian-live may not be a "distribution" but it is likely to be the face of debian for a new user.

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