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Re: bug with squeeze and syslinux-menu=false ?

On 11/05/2010 04:06 PM, David Ansart wrote:
> I want an easy and light system for my student and it is more easy for
> them to not have the choice

i then would just set the timeout to 1, so that the menu doesn't get
shown. or, if you don't wont any menu at all, include custom templates
in config/templates.

that's better than using the buggy non-menu thing that live-build does
(and gets removed anyway 3.x, so i'm not so keen on fixing it, we've not
used that in ages (means, that was only in use for etch)).

>> besides, what version of live-build are you using?
> This week, I have using :
> deb http://live.debian.net/ lenny-snapshots main contrib non-free
> deb http://live.debian.net/ squeeze-snapshots main contrib non-free
> deb http://live.debian.net/ sid-snapshots main contrib non-free

that's indifferent - use only one at the time. particulary because lenny
and squeeze have 2.x, but sid has 3.x.

> I don't understand : with live-build 3.x, we can't customize our own
> linux ?

you can still do whatever you did before, but you'll do it through a
local templates (config/templates), or through syslinux-themes packages
(rather than /usr/share/live/build/templates) for non trivial changes
(trivial is e.g. timeout changes).

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