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Re: Volunteer for manual translation (pt_Br)

On 10/25/2010 07:55 PM, Bruno Gurgel wrote:
> After the first build I read something I would like to fix in pt_Br pot
> files, so I went to the po directory and fixed. But, when I was running
> make autobuild for the second time I got this error message that doesn't
> look like my fault in pt_Br pot files.
> cp: cannot stat `manual/en/build/en/epub/live-manual.epub': No such file
> or directory
> make: *** [autobuild] Error 1

we haven't figured out the perfect workflow for the manual yet (more to
come on that subject at a later point), however, when you fixed the po
files, you need to clean up first, use 'make distclean' for that.

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