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Re: Volunteer for manual translation (pt_Br)

On 10/25/2010 06:10 PM, Bruno Gurgel wrote:
> What files I really need to translate the the
> pot(live-manual/manual/po/pt_BR) files, or the ssi
> (live-manual/manual/pt_BR/) files?

for the translation, only the po files in
live-manual/manual/po/pt_BR/*.po are of interest for you.

> I know, dummy question, but I really need to ask before I make something
> wrong.. =D

nah, don't worry.

> After I build the manual, (make build), how can I check a preview ??

use this:

  make commit
  make autobuild

then, you'll have the same output in build/ as you can see on

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