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Re: How to know the content of a package list

On 10/22/2010 09:22 PM, Romain Failliot wrote:
> Hello!


> I'm unable to auto login at live boot, I'm stuck at
> the gdm screen...

21:37:34 < dba> Creak: i'm terribly sorry, you were right, autologin was
broken with gdm
21:37:52 < dba> Creak: unfortunately, there were some changes in the gdm
version that recently migrated to testing
21:38:02 < dba> Creak: however, we've fixed that two days ago in
21:38:54 < dba> Creak: so.. in four days, live-config 2.0.9 which
contains the fix, will migrate to testing.
21:39:04 < dba> Creak: in the meanwhile, you can use -r live.debian.net.

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