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How to know the content of a package list


I'd first like to thanks dba and SynrG that helped me on IRC to build my first debian live distribution ;)

But now I'd like to go a bit further and customize a bit more my livecd.
My problem is that if I use any package list smaller than gnome-desktop (like gnome-core), I'm unable to auto login at live boot, I'm stuck at the gdm screen...
Do you know how to know the content of a package list, so that I could see the difference that makes it works in one case but not the other one.

I've tried looking at my /usr/share/live/build/lists directory, but apparently it's not these files that are used because there isn't even the gnome-desktop list, although I can use it !!! (I gess it's because I'm under a Linux Mint distribution and that the package lists are read from the debootstrap environment)


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