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Re: Fwd: Debian live binary-hybrid.iso to CD-Media hangs

On 10/07/2010 09:31 PM, Jose R R wrote:
> leads me to suspect some hardware dependencies from the
> host might have leaked into the image.

should not be happening..

> How? I do not know.

..do you have any special local configuration?

> One thing I noticed earlier (as I was engaged in my efforts) is that
> in my host developing machine I had some references to repositories of
> Zend, a proprietary implementation of PHP, and those where inherited
> by the final live imge even if I *did not* specify those for the live
> image repositories.

i really think this is impossible. hosts /etc/apt/sources.list* is never
parsed at all.

> live-build 3.0~a5+20101004.161858

2.0.x is the recommendet version. don't use 3.x, it's experimental.

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