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Re: BOSS Live-installer - A GUI Live Installer for Debian and it's derivatives based on remastersys scripts

On 4 October 2010 12:46, Vitaly <elipse@bk.ru> wrote:
>> no constructive. i conclude that debian prebuilt images are not to your
>> likeing, and that you're not into building your own, EOD.
>> --
> Alas, this sad reality.
> I'm using Debian since 2003.
> Personally, I'm not afraid of it all.
> But installing Debian on Acer Aspire One D250 was not trivial.
> And beyond the power of an ordinary user.
> Ok, we are from different worlds.)
> ende

I heard about Acer netbooks being pretty much unusable with anything
but their original distributed system, for new and experienced users

Poorly designed and undocumented hardware is hard and sometimes
impossible to fix with software, Debian or otherwise.

Sad reality indeed.



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