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Re: Is live-boot-initramfs-tools multi-layer ready

On Wed, 29 Sep 2010 08:54:50 +0200, Daniel Baumann wrote:

>> Hope that someday live-build can build multiple layers too. It's
>> nothing fancy/special for the 2nd layer and up, just chroot
>> intall/config, that's it.
> the proble is not creating the multiple layers, but . . . 
> unless someone comes up with a smart idea for both of these fundamental
> problems, live-build won't support it.

I understand that it might be too difficult for live-tools to do it, but,

>   * how to let the user define in a sane way which stuff should go to
>     which layer.

If you go with FAI based installation, this will be a piece of cake. Take 
grml-live for example, all user have to do is just to prepare package 
lists of which ones go to which layer, and grml-live can handle the rest.

>   * supporting stacked squashfs in live-installer, otherwise the image
>     can't be installed, and using aufs in d-i is probably not possible,

I think it really depends upon whether you want to do it or not. There is 
always ways to do it if you want to do it. FYI, this is how I prepare my 
stacked squashfs, seems simple enough for me:

ln -s depen64.squashfs depen64_1live.squashfs
ls depen64_*.squashfs | tee 2desk.module

ls depen64_1live.squashfs xpt-*.squashfs | tee xpt_1live.module
ls depen64_*.squashfs xpt-*.squashfs | tee xpt_2desk.module

$ cat xpt_2desk.module

On reading your message again, I realized that don't quite understand 
what you mean by "the image can't be installed" because I doesn't have 
live-installer installed and I can't find a man page for that either. 

- For frugal installation, you just need to copy all files under /live.
- For real installation, you don't need to care for anything -- aufs 
layers everything for you one on top of the other so you will get an 
exact copy of what you've been building. 

Did you mean something else?


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