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Re: BOSS Live-installer - A GUI Live Installer for Debian and it's derivatives based on remastersys scripts

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 14:56:53 +0530 (IST), vikramshankarnair@cdacnoida.in

> Heres a video of the BOSS Live Installer (v0.11)
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlDmb73N4uw , hope to hear from you all
> this.

Considerations to accommodate the real issues arising out of many widely
used locales having to fit under one 'country' setting is something that'd
do immense good.
There have been few efforts at standardising keymaps too.
Some languages are used in other country settings too (eg: Urdu, Bengali,

Locale issues should have been really handled upstream.  The 'openess' of
the 'Debian process' hasn't helped here. What we have now is a situation
where 'popular' and misguided inserts into Debian (and more glaringly in
Gnome) need to be pulled down so users wouldn't be confused.

eg in th case of Tamil: 
TSCII is mercifully dead and I think TAB and related 'IT' developments are
still held on to by its developer, the state govt!
There are up to 5 completely different keymaps possible for Tamil!!

Most issues need solutions or at least awareness at install time. 
If there is a better place to discuss this further please let me know.


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