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Re: Global and local lists (for packages) in live-builder


For the benefit of others that missed the earlier irc conversation, here are some excerpts:

07:19 < SynrG> take it up with the individual maintainers of each of those things. need a different subset of latex? there are latex maintainers. there's no reason such a list should be useful for live systems but *not* non-live systems 07:22 < SynrG> similarly with awesome, if an awesome-desktop metapackage is something people could agree on and would be generally useful, it should be in the archive ... 07:23 < SynrG> not languishing in the realm of debian-live where few people will ever find it 07:24 < SynrG> the lists we have either have broad applicability (our -desktop lists for example) to a large userbase and differ from the standard tasks only in that they
               also include stuff *specific to a live image* ...
07:26 < SynrG> or are lists addressing a need tied to a special working group within debian which itself has a goal to produce a live image ('debian pure blends' like
               debian-science or debian-junior)
07:26 < SynrG> i guess 'studio' falls in this category too
07:28 < SynrG> or in the rare case address some 'appliance' niche specifically well-suited to
               live media (the 'rescue' list is what i'm thinking of)
07:29 < SynrG> the other lists there are very basic building blocks of the other lists
               (standard, standard-x11, minimal, for example)
07:30 < SynrG> so as you can see, the lists are a very narrowly chosen subset of the entire universe of possible lists. there is no desire to grow these lists beyond what we have there now, and i would argue in some cases we may even need to *reduce* what
               we have there ...
07:31 < SynrG> i am not certain there is any reason to continue to support the junior lists, for instance, since that project is orphaned and nobody has stepped up to take it
07:31 < SynrG> the only reason they've not been removed is (so far) nobody has had any complaints. but at the first sign of trouble, i'd drop them in an instant. 07:34 < SynrG> ironm: can we finally close this issue? the marvellous thing about debian-live is that *infinite* variations of lists are possible. *every* user thinks their own lists are the greatest and probably wants to share them with the world. and we already link to other users of debian-live on the site so that people can borrow liberally from each others' lists, and that's not very hard for users to find
               (and keeps the maintenance of said ...
07:34 < SynrG> ... lists where it belongs: with the users who originated them)

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