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Re: How to resize the IMG USB Live-Debian pendrive ?

"Charles D. Russell" <worwor@bellsouth.net> writes:

> I tried resizing the partition with gparted, but that rendered the
> flash drive unbootable.  I then ran the Windows program syslinux.exe
> (there is a linux equivalent) to make the flash drive bootable again.
> This worked, though the configuration menu apparently got replaced so
> that I now have to type "live" when the boot prompt appears.

AIUI the syslinux PBR that live-build installs depends on the
ldlinux.sys file being stored at fixed block offsets into the disk.  I
guess growing the filesystem with parted also moves the files around.

Since you can't simply make a second partition, using syslinux --install
(which you did) is the best fix I know.

I suspect your menus broke because you created an image using syslinux
4.xx, but your Windows' SYSLINUX.EXE is version 3.xx -- they have
incompatible menu code (the [vesa]menu.c32 file).  Either use the same
version for both build and fix, or copy Windows' [vesa]menu.c32 into the
filesystem when applying the fix.

> I expect that someone can offer a less klutzy fix.

Sorry, no :-(

It shouldn't be a problem on ext[234], where extlinux --install will
chattr +i (the "don't move my blocks" option) ldlinux.sys -- but I don't
know if resize2fs honors that.  Not that it matters, since you want the
USB key to be readable in Windows...

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