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Re: How to resize the IMG USB Live-Debian pendrive ?

I came across this somewhat stale thread after encountering the same problem, and have a klutzy solution:


The OP's problem, which I think was the same as mine although perhaps not fully explained, was this. Creating a bootable flash drive in the recommended way by dd'ing from debian-live*.img, creates a partition little larger than required for the system files. Since Windows does not appear capable of recognizing more than one partition on a USB flash drive, this leaves the rest of the drive unusable for Windows access. I like to be able to view all the files from Windows and back them up on a large NTFS drive, so I want to make the whole flash drive a single FAT partition.

I tried resizing the partition with gparted, but that rendered the flash drive unbootable. I then ran the Windows program syslinux.exe (there is a linux equivalent) to make the flash drive bootable again. This worked, though the configuration menu apparently got replaced so that I now have to type "live" when the boot prompt appears.

I expect that someone can offer a less klutzy fix.

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