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Bug#597237: live-manual: includes non-free files

On Sun, 19 Sep 2010 01:19:10 +0200 Daniel Baumann wrote:

> On 09/18/2010 07:15 PM, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > Hence the online manual is still non-free, even though with the
> > non-free part stored in a separate place...
> so are many, many webpage on debian.org,

Sad but true, see the whole bug #238245 for the details (I commented
that bug more than once, by the way).

> feel free to fix serious bug
> reports about that too.

I have no power to fix bug #238245 (please also take into account that
the copyright holder is not SPI, but a large number of individual
contributors, see the cloned bug #388141): I am not even a DD and I
have never contributed anything to the Debian website...
A decision must be taken and then all the copyright holders must be
tracked down, contacted and asked to agree to the re-licensing.

If you are willing to help me in generating a reliable list of
copyright holders for the Debian website (I think the place to look at
is the WWW CVS), I can draft a standardized e-mail message to send to
each one of them and collect their replies (those replies should be
sent to the e-mail address of bug #238245 or maybe #388141).

> however, since apparently debian people do not even care about *real*[0]
> license violations, sadly, i would not be surprised if they don't care
> about that too...
> [0] #497471, #507706

This is discouraging, indeed...   :-(

Unfortunately, I've already encountered several cases where I was
disappointed by the lack of strictness with which the Debian SC (or
even the law) is complied with within the Debian Project.   :-(

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