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Bug#597237: live-manual: includes non-free files

On Fri, 17 Sep 2010 23:26:52 +0200 Daniel Baumann wrote:

> On 09/17/2010 10:54 PM, Francesco Poli (t1000) wrote:
> > This is the Debian Open Use Logo with the word "Debian", which
> > fails to comply with the DFSG and cannot therefore be included
> > in a package shipped in main.
> this is so ridiculous (and yes, i've read the cited bugs and threads)..

If you mean that having a non-free logo for a Free OS is ridiculous, I
somewhat agree with you.
And I've been repeating it since 2004:

> instead of filling bugs about that, we should rather fix the problem and
> (re)license our own stuff in a way that it's actually freely usable.

Well, I've tried hard for quite some time to get this issue solved once
and for all.
I've raised the issue on debian-legal several times, I got in touch
with various DPLs, year after year, I talked with other people about

The only step forward I witnessed was the re-licensing of the Debian
Open Use Logo without "Debian":

It seems that the Debian Open Use Logo with "Debian" was not
re-licensed in a DFSG-free manner because SPI's legal counsel raised
some concerns that such a move could weaken the enforceability of
trademark rights over the word "Debian":

So it seems that the Debian Open Use Logo with "Debian" will stay
non-free, unless we manage to persuade the decision-makers at SPI that
DFSG-freeness is more important than trademark rights...   :-(

The two Debian Official Use Logos were not touched, either.

> anyhow.. removed both the logo and the stylesheet in git and storing
> them statically on live.debian.net instead.

I must say I am quite puzzled.

If I understand correctly, the following commit claims to fix the bug I
However, it does not delete (or even touch) the two troublesome files
(html/image.png and html/stylesheet.css)...
And it does not update the debian/copyright file, either.

Could you please clarify?

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