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A few comments about live-helper.debian.net

 Hello all,

I really like the concept of http://live-helper.debian.net . This is much easier than trying to do a custom net install or a live-helper build on my own computer. This significantly simplifies the entry process for those who want to download a customized, current Debian Live system. Thanks for the hard work on this!

I'd like to make a few comments and suggestions about the service:

-> live installer
I'd like my live CD to be installable. It tells me that it is generating a config using "--debian-installer: true". Does this mean that it will include the debian live installer? http://studio.debian.net uses the following config option: "--debian-installer live". I'm not sure what the difference is.

-> grub
I'd like to use grub instead of syslinux. But it appears that grub does not work. The build fails with some errors: http://pastebin.com/vXcdfhpb

-> non-free
Would it be possible to have the option to add "non-free" to --archive-areas ?

-> tasks
Would it be possible to add task selections to the interface? This would make it easier to add, for example, a complete printing system, or a complete web server system, without knowing the entire string of necessary packages.

-> size constraint
Would it be possible to let the user know how big his build will be before submitting it? Or could there be an option for "700 MB CD" or "4 GB DVD"? That way people won't be slamming the server with builds until they get it trimmed to the right size. I personally would like my build to be 700 MB or less.

Thanks again for this project!
Have a good one.

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