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Re: RFC: live-initramfs 2.x features

On 05/10/2010 10:11 PM, intrigeri wrote:
> Are there any plans for the persistency redo?

not yet. there is a strange bug in current git (debian-next branch),
introduced by de4c25fd53eab811eebfd1c7194226bf96e45dd1 that leads to no
autologin (the debconf thing does , once that's fixed, i can start with
live-initramfs 2.

> We have plans [1] to implement some bits of persistency in
> T(A)ILS [2], and wonder if it is worth basing new work on
> live-initramfs 1.x persistency features (e.g. home-sn).
> [1] http://amnesia.boum.org/todo/persistence/
> [2] http://amnesia.boum.org/

nice. if you're not so much in a hurry and can wait until mid july when
i'm finished with the basic re-implementation of live-initramfs (core
features only), we definitely should work together on that one the
persistency things so that we can make it optimal for both of our users.

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