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Re: How to resize the IMG USB Live-Debian pendrive ?

On 04/21/2010 01:56 AM, yellow protoss wrote:
Because do you know that windows XP does not like many partitions on a pendrive. I want to use my pendrive still under Windows XP.

Thanks. No, I was unaware of this limitation. And yes, that's a reasonable use case (though I consider it atypical).

So how to make the pendrive useable for storage. Come on. It is possible with bootable knoppix pendrives, I used it to store my data. I added a folder : data on the root on the pendrive and put all my Gygabites in there. The knoppix bootable remainns.

It is possible with any process that scripts the preparation of the USB drive to add the image. It just happens that the most convenient way to get a bootable image onto the drive is to produce a .img file that you simply dd to the flash drive. That way, no special scripts are needed to put the image on the drive.

Why with Debian nobody never really cares about users, or human oriented linux ?

The more you work with users, the more you will find that every user's needs are different, and compromises need to be made in order to try to address the needs of the particular set of users you cater to. Here, we sacrificed some flexibility of arrangement of space on the pen drive for convenience of copying the image to the drive. It's a tradeoff that works for most people.

Btw, Ext3 sucks, it crashes all the time. I am right ... NTFS is better :)

Huh, doesn't crash on *my* platform. :)

Anyway, as for the solution, someone else already posted a rather clever one. Use that


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