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Re: How to resize the IMG USB Live-Debian pendrive ?

Thanks but that was not the question.

Is there someone that knows how to make this pendrive to the full pendrive? (not making a new partition please)

A non expert explanation would be welcome or preferably if it is too complicated or linux crazy pro tricks, with windows XP, please.

Thank you in advance if by chance anyone knows how and how to share/explain it too ;)

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 2:42 PM, Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl> wrote:
Op 20100208 om 12:10 schreef yellow protoss:
> Hello,
> The dd if=debian-live.img of=/dev/sda results in a bootable live-debian
> pendrive, of 200-250Mb.
> Is there a way to resize it to full pendrive partition, of e.g. 1 Gygabyte
> of my pendrive?
> I tried with gparted but this gparted screw all the partition, and kill the
> fat16 and badly make a fat32, by error (or bug). No way to use it to
> resizing the debian-live fat16 bootable pendrive.
> Is there some tricks to make it?

The command
 dd if=debian-live.img of=/dev/sda
does infact three things:
 * writing a bootsector,
 * writing a partition table and
 * writing the actual files into /dev/sda1

After that, you only should add partitions. And only without touching
the fresh created /dev/sda1.

The added partitions can be used for persistent storage.

In other words:  See /dev/sda1 as a (read-only) CDROM
and the other partitions as (write-able) disk space on the pendrive.

> Thanks
> Regards

Geert Stappers

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