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Re: Bogus samhain email alerts with rescue package list

On 2010-04-04 Diederik de Haas wrote:
> On 2010-04-04 Diederik de Haas wrote:
> > > should be fixed now, the initial test didn't cover when samhain is not
> > > actually installed. thanks for spotting it by running git head ;)
> > 
> > Can you release that, so that I can get the updated live-helper with
> > aptitude (I'm using sid- snapshots) ? Another way, which doesn't involve
> > compiling from source is fine too.
> never mind, I applied the change locally. Sorry for the dumb question.
With the risk of making a complete fool out of myself, but isn't there an error in the change?

-               else
+               elif [ -d /var/state/samhain ]

shouldn't elif be followed by "then"?

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