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aufs-modules still hiding somewhere?


I am using live-helper for building a network-bootable system based on squeeze.
The system the build process is running on uses lenny.
Yesterday, "lh build" suddenly quit working - it aborts complaining about
aufs-modules-2.6-686 missing. After some looking, I found bug report #562664,
which sounded like my problem, and upgraded live-helper to the latest git version.

Unfortunately, the problem didn't go away: The build is still aborted with the
message: "Couldn't find package aufs-modules-2.6-686". I spent hours searching,
but can't find any reference to this package; after the failed build, there is
a file chroot/root/chroot_packages containing among others "aufs-modules-2.6-686",
but I can't find who writes this ...

Any ideas?


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