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Re: test live-initramfs_1.157.4-2

2010/1/22 Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>


joseangon wrote:

> /dev/hda1: UUID="21ff00f5-25cc-4232-a773-1363042a29ed" SEC_TYPE="ext2"
> TYPE="ext3"
> /dev/hdb13: UUID="5dcce6ab-2096-4a6a-ad46-d57b4e5b83f6" SEC_TYPE="ext2"
> TYPE="ext3"

those are all supported filesystems, so i don't see why it should fail
to boot in the first place.

Well, with the diff applied, the result is optimal.

Whenever I speak of the test made on three different computers.

Only that the live.log has been reduced to a single line:

SKIPPING: Cannot mount /dev/sda on /home-sn-backing, fstype=ext3, options=rw


As we see, still insists the device mounted as ext3.

I keep checking and we will communicate the results.

Thank you for your help!


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