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Re: prevent udev from remembering eth0 (wicd problem)

Rob Owens wrote:
Easy. Delete that file (the generator). Done.

Thanks, that worked.  It seems a little heavy-handed, though.  Can you
think of any side-effects this might have?

it's safe to remove it *iff* you use the system as a live system.

live-helper generates live systems so that they are also installable (through d-i with live-installer). because installed live systems need to be 100% identical to a regular installed system, live-helper cannot delete the generator by default.

however, for systems used as live-systems only, or, if it doesn't matter that if such an installed live system doesn't have device persistency (which is for me personally the desired way anyway), then you're fine to delete it.

i've added an example hook so that it can be easily symlinked into config trees. that way, you don't need to track through any udev changes yourself, and get always the matching hook automatically with live-helper updates.

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