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Debian Live netboot installations

>>>>> Ivan Shmakov <ivan@main.uusia.org> writes:


 > The situation is, roughly, that an organization ``donates'' some of
 > its computers (say, ``diskless stations'') for a certain time (the
 > forecoming new year's holidays) and for a certain project.  The
 > computers are connected into the organization's network, which at the
 > very same time serves some random users, and therefore cannot be
 > ultimately trusted.

	BTW, I wonder, what are the largest Debian Live
	``installations'' booted over the network?  It seems that I'll
	be able to have at least 30 hosts or so boot Debian Live and be
	running at the same time here, if I get the security thing

	(Hopefully the network performance won't drop to zero because of

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