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Re: Building something from source

I noticed something but let's ignore the fact that the current songbird
download is a binary. Let's imagine it's source.

So, if inside of songbird.sh I had this:

cd /home/user/Songbird_1.1.2-1042_linux-i686
make install

And it compiled without any errors, then it would show up in the live

I'm having trouble understanding how exactly this thing goes about
compiling things and how I, as the user, can make sure the dependencies
are there before it attempts to compile.

So, when I'm about to build, the .deb packages are installed/downloaded
from a repository; this allows the dependencies to exist before building
source. Afterwards, chroot_local-hooks section is accessed. lh_build
proceeds to execute songbird.sh, which builds from songbird from source
and designates various folders to their correct areas in the pseudo-root

Am I seeing this right?
Or is the source going to be compiled when I boot the live system?

And about the correct areas...

Would lh_build simply place things
throughout /config/chroot_local-includes?

I understand that sometimes compiled things will go into specific
directories and sometimes the user chooses where they go. Let's say the
compilation on an installed system would put the files in designated
spots throughout the system.

And if I had to compile dependencies, how could I make those source
packages get installed before other source packages?

I think one of the last things I played with where I had to use lots of
source packages was like Tuxguitar or Metamorphose. I don't really come
across many source packages I need to compile these days, but once and a
while I do.

All help is appreciated.
Thank you for your help, Yohann Lepage.

On Thu, 2009-04-16 at 10:06 +0200, Yohann Lepage wrote:
> Put Songbird_1.1.2-1042_linux-i686.tar.gz in
> builddir/config/chroot_local-includes/home/user/
> And put your script in builddir/config/chroot_local-hooks/songbird.sh
> #!/bin/bash
> cd /home/user/
> tar xzf Songbird_1.1.2-1042_linux-i686.tar.gz
> And :
> chmod +x songbird.sh
> Don't forget to install gstreamer plugins with :
> builddir/config/chroot_local-packageslists/yourpackagelist

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