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Re: Building something from source

2009/4/16 Laurin d'Volts <email.port25@gmail.com>:
> I want to build a live-cd, but I haven't seen something discussing how
> to install something from source so it will be there when I use the live
> system. For instance, I want to install Songbird, which is a nice media
> program. I don't believe it is in the Debian repositories yet, so I
> believe I will have to install it from source. However, I have been
> looking through the Wikis, and I haven't really seen anything touch on
> building from source. I know how to build from source on an installed
> distro, but I don't understand how to do it with this lh thing.
> How do I build something from source so it will be on the live-cd?

Put Songbird_1.1.2-1042_linux-i686.tar.gz in

And put your script in builddir/config/chroot_local-hooks/songbird.sh
cd /home/user/
tar xzf Songbird_1.1.2-1042_linux-i686.tar.gz

And :
chmod +x songbird.sh

Don't forget to install gstreamer plugins with :
Yohann L.
GPG fingerprint : C8DB 2466 E48D 4323 669D C8AC 9833 136F BA04 8DC4

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