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Re: custom live cd

Daniel Dalton wrote:
> 1. I need to rebuild my images a lot (debugging!). So, is there a way to
> tell live_helper to use the packages off the current system eg. not
> download the packages each time from ftp.au.debian.org. Otherwise I
> guess I could just copy all the debs into the packages directory, but
> that would be a little annoying.

live-helper caches packages by default (cache/packages*) already, don't
use lh_clean --purge if you want to keep the cache (see lh_clean manpage
for more information).

> 2. My livecd isn't resolving domain names eg. www.google.com, but it is
> fine with the ip it seems... ifdown eth0 and ifup eth0 don't recognise
> eth0. Eg. they say the device is not found. ifconfig though shows eth0
> has an ip address...

do you have resolv.conf installed in your image? if so, remove it (and
make sure it doesn't get pulled in through recommends again).

> 3. How can I install kernel modules into the kernel running on the
> livecd with live_helper? I need to get the packages out of unstable, but
> I'm running lenny; is this possible. Otherwise how do I install the
> modules from a deb?

either pin the packages from unstable so that you can install them on
lenny and see /usr/share/live-helper/examples/hooks/, or build the
module binaries with e.g. m-a and put them into chroot_local-packages.

> 4. How can I start gnome applications at start up on the livecd?

create a .gnome directory that has the things you want, and put that
into /etc/skel thorugh chroot_local-includes.

> 5. Is there anyway I can make the live cd remember the users
> modification to a couple of files? Or will I have to enter the settings
> manually each time I boot the livecd?

look for persistency in the manual.

> 6. Is it possible to launch the installer off the livecd? If so how?

depends :) you can have seperate d-i on the same media (with or without
live-installer), but you can't do a installation triggered from the
running livecd. see manual, there are some thoughts about it.

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