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Re: Gfxboot theme for booting

Juan Jesús Ojeda Croissier wrote:
> Ubuntu has patch from Colin Watson to add the gfxboot support to the
> Ubuntu syslinux and is being used since a couple of versions.

it's a suse patch, colin merely applies it to the ubuntu package.

> I don't know if those are the patches you were talking.


> Anyway, we've just needed that feature (to be able of use a gfxboot
> theme on our live systems) and we thought Debian syslinux had also
> support for that so could be nice to do it for both.

debians syslinux hasn't. upstream made it very clear, that he really
hates this patch and don't want people to use it. that's why it is being
rewritten into a proper com32 module.

> We don't want
> force or invite to no one to use non-uptream patches to use that
> feature or so.

sure, don't worry :)

> Also it could be a part of the Ubuntu mode of live-helper and only be
> activated when the system selected be Ubuntu.
> What do you think?

there is no ubuntu mode, as nobody was willing to maintain it.

please read the 8th comment i made here: http://clemensfam.org/john/?p=39

the offer still stands.

>> +       cp -a $GFXBOOT_LANG binary/isolinux/
>> why 'cp -a' here, isn't 'cp' enough?
> That's because  $GFXBOOT_LANG is a directory. Cold be just "cp -r",
> but must be, at least, a recursive option.

it's just that cp -a could have unecessary side effects, therefore use
cp -r wherever possible and the preserving of ownership is not required.

> We'll probably be around here in the list and we'll ask how to write
> better other features :-)

good. please let us know about the things you do, so that it can be merged.


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