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Re: translation of syslinux template

Stefan Valovic wrote:
> 1. It did not work, when I created a new subfolder "sk" similar to "en"
> or "es" in /usr/share/live-helper/templates/syslinux.
> Then I translated files f1.txt, ..., but after creating the image with
> boot options "lang=sk" and "keyb=sk_SK.utf8", nothing happened,
> messages were in english.

syslinux does currently not support any runtime configuration for its
help files; therefore you need to decide at buildtime which translations
should be included. this can be configured with LH_LANGUAGE.

> 2. It did work, when I translated directly files in the "en" subfolder.
> However, the encoding at the boot time was wrong, our accented letters
> were not shown correctly.

no idea about the encoding. probably, one need to ship a special font
file for that. asking on the upstream syslinux mailinglist will get you
the right information.

> I would like to send the translation to Daniel when I finish it.

sure, l10n things are always very appreciated.


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