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Re: etch debian-live-40r6 or r7 iso images

ne1uno@hotmail.com wrote:
> Hello,


> Today I noticed it has already been purged off the usual download area,
> live.debian.net/cdimage/release/ that used to hold both the lenny and
> etch live builds for a few days during the transition period.

i was freeing up some space in order to start autobuilding squeeze and
sid daily images soon.

> Is there any chance that the latest etch live cd images are still
> accessible in some archive area?

not really. i do have them on my fileserver at home for archive purpose,
however I don't intend to upload them. now that lenny is done, we're
dropping etch support.

> I need this or the r7 version if possible
> because of some applications that depends on the libraries and would
> like to avoid having to build a complete system just to verify some
> scenerios.

we did not had r7 images anyway, you would need to build them yourself.
use the version of live-helper 1.0.3-2 from lenny (*not* 1.0.4; it could
(i'm not saying it has, but it could) have some bugs in building etch


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