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Re: Live Media

Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> How much traffic is estimated ? A root server for 49 Euro/months in Germany 
> has 1TB free traffic at 100Mbit and drops to 10MBit for unlimited traffic.

we had nearly 2tb/month in the beginning where live-webhelper was
available for a while. not much more my ds5000 (where live.d.n is
running on) can do.

> Is it acceptable to make this invitation only or do you favor an unlimited or 
> not at all approach ?

in my opinion? unlimited or not at all. restriction/invitation only
doesn't make sense to me.

> Lets say 100 invited projects build 10 images per day. That would be 30TB of 
> data for the downloads. One could alway bzip images.

compressing live images further is not possible, you've got the squashfs
 inside already.

> It is obvious that companies like Novell or Canonical have different 
> resources.

jup :)

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