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Bug in Lenny live images -- wrong default boot method

Hi, I've found a bug in the Lenny official live cd images, but I'm not sure under which package I should file it.

When I boot the live cd by selecting one of the available menu choices, everything goes well. But if I enter the help menu, then try to boot the live system by "simply pressing enter at the boot prompt" as the F3 help screen recommends to do, I get this:

  Could not find kernel image: linux

Entering either "live" or "livefailsafe" at the boot prompt works fine. Thus I guess that the problem is simply that the default boot method is incorrectly set to the nonexistent "linux" method. The fix is of course to replace "linux" with "live".

I've tried the gnome-desktop and kde-desktop flavors, it happens identically with both, and since it hasn't anything to do with desktop environments, I suppose that this bug actually affects all images.

I hope this can be fixed for Lenny r1: although I would not rate this bug higher than normal severity (possibly even minor), a casual user who gets hit may not easily figure how to get out of it.


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