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Re: Live Media

On Montag 16 Februar 2009, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> > I have a dedicated server that could server for development purposes.
> That's very kind of you, however the machine would be for significantly
> more than mere "development"; it would be a public service for building
> images.
> > >  * Large amount of bandwidth for downloads

How much traffic is estimated ? A root server for 49 Euro/months in Germany 
has 1TB free traffic at 100Mbit and drops to 10MBit for unlimited traffic.

There is now way to fight abuse of the servers as downloading is some sort of 
sport nowadays.

Is it acceptable to make this invitation only or do you favor an unlimited or 
not at all approach ?

Lets say 100 invited projects build 10 images per day. That would be 30TB of 
data for the downloads. One could alway bzip images.

It is obvious that companies like Novell or Canonical have different 

Sebastian Hilbert 
Leipzig / Germany
[www.gnumed.de]  -> PGP welcome, HTML ->/dev/null

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