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Re: Lenny RC1, size issues, and the Lenny release

E.J. Zufelt wrote:
> Would it be possible to include gnome-accessibility on the DVD, as size
> will likely not be a restraint?

first i *personally* think it's nice to have the exact same cd images
combined on a dvd (that's just me, though), so that one can take either
the cds or the dvd, and it's the excately same content. that would speak
against including gnome-accessibility. any *ration* reason of course
speaks for including it.

second, assuming that building the same dvd but with recommends enabled
and/or with tasksel instead of aptitude would blow the image beyond the
~4.3GB, i would produce two dvd images, a 'small' one (dvd5) that
contains only the contents of the cds, and a 'big' one (dvd9) that
contains the images with recommends on and/or tasksel instead of aptitude.

however, i'll test this and depending on the outcome, i'll either
produce one and include it, or produce two images and only include it on
the bigger i think.

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