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pcmciautils and pcmcia_cs

I added those two packages to get my NIC to work & a network connection.

    1. added them to LH_PACKAGES= in config/chroot
    2. booted the live DVD
    3. copied the NIC's .cis file to /lib/firmware
    4. used "pccardctl eject" + "pccardctl insert" to recognize NIC
    5. ran /etc/init.d/networking stop & start to configure
    6. ran dhclient3 to obtain IP address from my ISP

My guess is that I would just need to have lh_build copy the firmware
(step 3 above) and the network should be configured automatically when I
boot the live DVD?

But I'm not sure where I should add the "cp" command and where I can
place the .cis firmware .. I guess it needs to be somewhere where it's
visible within the chroot?

Also, if I get this to work, shouldn't I worry about giving root a
password when I build the image .. or is the live system safe from
connections from the outside world anyway?



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