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Re: syslinux patch for xen flavour


Thanks for your comments.

>> Useless use of test:
>>       if echo ${KERNEL} | grep -q 'xen-'
> For completeness, you actually want `grep -qs` here, for various
> portability reasons.

If portability matters, grep(1) suggests `grep ... > /dev/null 2>&1`.
As live-helper will run on Debian systems, `grep -q` seems to be sufficient.

And, also, `mv` xen kernel doesn't work, it should be fixed...

> Will this work on USB stick boot and netboot also??

USB stick boot works, which is my target.
(Acording to DebianWiki, xen requires grub to boot, and usb-hdd requires
 syslinux to boot. I want to use xen with usb-hdd.)

> Is that guaranteed to be the only xen kernel there?

No, that picks (alphabetically) first from installed xen kernels.
(And I assumed to be customized menu.cfg after created.)

I will try to improve these problems. Which way below is suitable
for live-helper?

1. Xen kernel is one of kernel images. All installed kernels will be
    detected and configured automatically.

2. Xen needs special configuration like LH_XEN_*. lh_binary_syslinux
    will have new functions for xen.


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