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Re: pcmciautils and pcmcia_cs

Chris Jones wrote:
> But I'm not sure where I should add the "cp" command and where I can
> place the .cis firmware .. I guess it needs to be somewhere where it's
> visible within the chroot?


> Also, if I get this to work, shouldn't I worry about giving root a
> password when I build the image .. or is the live system safe from
> connections from the outside world anyway?

first of all, no password != empty password, means, if you install ssh
(ok, bad example, because ssh is configured by default to not allow
empty passwords either) you cannot remote-login as root as there is no
password set for that account and no password set makes it not being
able to login at all.

however, what you more should worry about is that the live user has a
default password everyone knows.

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