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Re: live media scan order

On Sun, 07 Dec 2008 10:57:46 +0100, Ronny Standtke wrote:

> My use case looks a little different: My users
> (http://www.imedias.ch/lernstick) have both a live DVD and a USB flash
> drive. Whenever possible (i.e. the BIOS of the machine in front of you
> permits) they boot from USB flash drive. Unfortunately, there are still
> many machines out there which can not boot from USB flash drive. In this
> case they insert both the DVD and the USB flash drive, the machine boots
> from DVD but picks up the system image from USB. The DVD is just a
> startup helper and the users still enjoy the speed of USB. (Until now
> the lernstick system is still based on Knoppix but I am in the middle of
> moving to Debian Live and want to keep this feature...)

Yes, that's the scan order that Slax uses too. I like it, 'cause
faster == better. 

"Try first the media just booted from" will mean that we will never enjoy 
the faster boot no matter what. It's true that image might be old, but 
the chance would be rather rare. I.e., over 99% time it would be correct, 
otherwise, it would still be faster to boot up with HD and overwrite them 
than booting up from slow CD. 

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