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Re: on the fly modules adding and removal

On Monday 17 November 2008, 16:33:22, T o n g wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 22:01:04 +0100, Marco Amadori wrote:
> > On Sunday 16 November 2008 21:59:38 T o n g wrote:
> >> Last time I asked, there was no such tool to add or remove (optional)
> >> compressed filesystems into root aufs on the fly, as Slax does.
> >
> > Nothing on the fly, only at boot time.
> >
> > Go on!
> OK, I'll start now.
> >> I'm wondering if we have something similar now? If not, is there anyone
> >> willing to work on it now?
> >>
> >> Else, I volunteer to give the fist dab.
> >
> > A tool which scan /live/filesystem* and help using aufs ?
> Well, to explain it, let me explain the modular concept of Slax first.
> - Just like we put all compressed filesystems under /live and live-
> initramfs add them to root aufs at boot time, slax does the same thing as
> well, and it calls all those compressed filesystems "modules", and all
> modules in standard place "base modules".
> - Beside base modules, slax has a "optional modules" concept. I.e.,
> modules from within a specific optional folder can be selectively added
> to the root aufs at boot time via boot parameters. This is a good feature
> that (live-)initramfs should consider too.

This is already supported by the boot parameter "module=" since more than one 
year, although nobody uses it since that cause live-helper does not help in 
creating this kind of images and thus it could have be regressed.

> - Moreover, any modules anywhere can be added to or removed from the root
> aufs dynamically any time after system has booted. This is what I was
> talking about.

This helper is not in place.

> I propose something like,
>  livemod <opr> <compressed filesystems specification>

I suggest "live-module" for consistency.

> and I propose the opr to be (either of):
> op-code		meaning
> ---------------------------------------
> add/del		add / delete
> ins/rm		insert / remove
> plug/pull	plug-in / pull-out

I woul use for the same reasons:

--add, --del
--ins, --rem
--plug --pull

Go on and happy hacking!


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