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Re: more debian-installer hooks

On Wednesday 22 October 2008, 00:14:19, Chris Lamb wrote:

> > or a separate config/binary_debian-installer-includes to work as other
> > -includes, files with full path to be included in the initrd
> I think this is the best solution:

me too, best options should be listed last for maximum effect :-)

>  * We already have -includes directories, so the concept is familiar.
>  * It covers almost all use cases I can think of, including:

> Some thoughts:

>    A hooks directory could thus complement the aforementioned includes
>    directory - the semantics of this directory are obvious, which smells
>    good IMO.

config/binary_debian-installer-hooks ?

I'll work on the -includes, do you have time to implement (after -includes, 
like the other hooks) this hook part?

Shall I prepare a new helper for this? I was thinking of just extending the 
Repack_initrd function to accept an optional parameter.

>  * I would still prefer to handle binary_debian-installer/preseed.cfg
>    seperately - it think it is an acceptable courtesy to automatically
>    include it in the initrd when building a netboot image, otherwise we
>    surprise people moving to this image type.

I'm fine with that too.


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