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Re: more debian-installer hooks


> or a separate config/binary_debian-installer-includes to work as other
> -includes, files with full path to be included in the initrd

I think this is the best solution:

 * We already have -includes directories, so the concept is familiar.

 * It's not magic; it just copies files.

 * It covers almost all use cases I can think of, including:

    - Overriding random bits of d-i (e.g. #498143)
    - Adding firmware
    - Adding preseed.cfg
    - Modifying graphical d-i theme

 * Avoids another difficult-to-name config option ("preseed-initramfs"?).

Some thoughts:

 * This doesn't handle the case where you want to remove files or
   programmatically modify things, a necessity where you want to reduce the
   size or make minimal/non-brittle changes to the code.

   A hooks directory could thus complement the aforementioned includes
   directory - the semantics of this directory are obvious, which smells
   good IMO.

 * I would still prefer to handle binary_debian-installer/preseed.cfg
   seperately - it think it is an acceptable courtesy to automatically
   include it in the initrd when building a netboot image, otherwise we
   surprise people moving to this image type.

> Or I'm open to other suggestions/critics.

This would probably great time for the EEEPC guys to ask what they want,
even if they don't have the manpower or priority to actually make use of it
right away.


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