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more debian-installer hooks

Hi all,
I found some use cases for having a tool to include things directly in ithe 
debian-installer initrd.

We already have some infrastucture to handle d-i initrds like the 
Repack_initrd() function in helpers/lh_binary_debian-installer which is now 
used to include the preseed.cfg (all *.cfg) in d-i initramfs when building 
for netboot.

Some considerations:

0 - There is another use case where a user could want his preseed.cfg (or 
more) included in the initramfs, like when he wants for preseed locale, 
country and keyboard, and maybe by grepping those lines an autoinclusion 
could be done.

1 - Until d-i will support binary firmwares (also debs) in the binary/ path we 
should provide a way to put firmware in /lib/firmware on the initrd, maybe 
with automagic sync with the package installed in the rootfs in case of 
live-installer or in the pool for normal installation with added preseed 

2 - Random files (like d-i gtk themes) could be included in random paths in 
the initrd.

What could be the preferred solutions?

Instead of writing some code, I'm asking for a design comments, I would like 
to have some new things in config, all or some of the following:

"--preseed-initramfs" option for lh_config, which will be used to force the 
inclusion of all preseeds file in the initrd.

config/binary_debian-installer/firmware for binary files to be put in initrd 
under /lib/

or a separate
config/binary_debian-installer-includes to work as other -includes, files with 
full path to be included in the initrd

Or I'm open to other suggestions/critics.

P.S. Disclaimer, I'm using initrd as initramfs and viceversa for historycal 
and naming reasons although they are different things, one a compressed 
filesystem while the other just a cpio.gz archive.

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