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Re: A few questions about customization


thanks for your help.

> > * I would like to boot the iso using a default keyboard layout
> > of "de-latin1-nodeadkeys" and a locale of de_DE@UTF-8 (not using boot
> > parameters). I managed to set the locale by using an interactive debconf
> > mode but failed to achieve setting the keyboard (even so I configured it
> > correctly with interactive debconf). If I use "install-keymap" or
> > "dpkg-reconfigure console-data" in the created iso, I'm able to switch
> > it. How can I do this in a noninteractive way when creating the iso?
> add the boot parameters to LH_LIVE_BOOTAPPEND.

Ok, I found out that if I add "locale=de" as boot param most keys on the 
German keyboard work as expected. Is there a way to enable the German Umlaut 
keys (like äöü)? Because these are still bound to the mappings of the US 
keyboard layout.

> > * I would like to customize some config files inside the image. I was
> > able to replace ".bashrc" and add ".vimrc" in the root dir by putting the
> > file in the chroot_local-includes directory but wasn't able to replace
> > "/etc/sysctl.conf" neither by putting it in "chroot_local-includes" or
> > "binary_local-includes". How would I do that? How do I replace default
> > configuration files of packages in general?
> in general, rather than replacing complete files, you better automate it
> by editing them through a hook.
> if you decide to completely replace them with an own file,
> chroot_local-includes should do the trick.
> a file put into:
> chroot_local-includes/etc/sysctl.conf
> would get installed to:
> /etc/sysctrl.conf
> in the resulting live system.

The inclusion of sysctl.conf worked, but I think it is not processed (I see 
DHCP messages on the console - these normally disappear on a non-live system 
after uncommenting the line starting with "kernel.printk" in "sysctl.conf"). 
Is it possible the casper boot process (I'm trying to customize the Etch iso) 
interferes with calling the normal init scripts? And by the way - is there a 
standard way in Debian Live to influence the creation of the initrd image 


Greetings, Dieter

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