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Re: A few questions about customization

Dieter Scholz wrote:
> * What's the difference between the chroot and the binary stage? For me it's 
> not obvious when to use which directory (binary* or chroot*) created in 
> config after lh_config.

chroot_* influences what ends up in the filesystem.squashfs (aka 'the
live system');
binary_* influences what ends up on the iso image (aka 'the live cd').

> * I would like to boot the iso using a default keyboard layout 
> of "de-latin1-nodeadkeys" and a locale of de_DE@UTF-8 (not using boot 
> parameters). I managed to set the locale by using an interactive debconf mode 
> but failed to achieve setting the keyboard (even so I configured it correctly 
> with interactive debconf). If I use "install-keymap" or "dpkg-reconfigure 
> console-data" in the created iso, I'm able to switch it. How can I do this in 
> a noninteractive way when creating the iso?

add the boot parameters to LH_LIVE_BOOTAPPEND.

> * I would like to customize some config files inside the image. I was able to 
> replace ".bashrc" and add ".vimrc" in the root dir by putting the file in the 
> chroot_local-includes directory but wasn't able to replace "/etc/sysctl.conf" 
> neither by putting it in "chroot_local-includes" or "binary_local-includes". 
> How would I do that? How do I replace default configuration files of packages 
> in general?

in general, rather than replacing complete files, you better automate it
by editing them through a hook.

if you decide to completely replace them with an own file,
chroot_local-includes should do the trick.

a file put into:

would get installed to:

in the resulting live system.

> * How does preseeding work. Is it "debconf-get-selections | grep <PACKAGE> > 
> CONFFILE" and then putting "CONFFILE" in the preseed directory?

yes; however, in general, you would only put those selections into the
file that are overwriting default behaviour of debian - this way you
keep the preseeding file small and better maintainable.

> Is this the 
> answer to my second question?


> I know, this is a lot of stuff to answer. But I'm very interested in using 
> Debian Live and so I hope you could help me. Thanks.

don't worry, you're welcome.

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