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Re: ArtistX 0.6 question: rewrite wiki and manual

On Monday 06 October 2008 22:05:27 Marco Ghirlanda wrote:

> 1) if I use the config/chroot file for installing a lot of software
> (>2000) I will get a xargs error about cp not able to copy because of an
> "Argument list too long". So I enable the interactive build and apt-get
> from inside the chroot.

You should really use a custom package file list, not specify packages like 

Write your file list in config/chroot_local-packageslist and enabled it with 
--packages-list=<your_list_filename> lh_config option.

> 2) One thing it took me a long time to fix is that installing the
> "motion" software will prevent Debian Live from creating the ArtistX
> user with GID 1000, since motion is creating exactly the same GID for
> its user. What can be done? Ask the motion Debian packager to change the
> GID?

Sure, system users should have gids < 1000 (useradd -r), so this is a bug of 
"motion" packager IMHO.

Anyway, you could fix this with a hook script that just "sed"s some strings 
from /etc/{passwd,group, shadow} and chown that user's $HOME meanwhile.

> 4) I don't know how to write a script so I'm out of luck for istant NTFS
> support, which needs the user ArtistX to be added to the fuse group.

debconf preseeding could be pesky at first times, I know :-)

> 5) The installer is not working:

Here it works, really :-)

> I enable the "live" installer, but when
> I try both Graphical and Text install I get a message after cdrom
> detection saying that the kernel modules could not be found, so the
> installation cannot continue. 

Are you using daily installer? I'm using it since 1 month for sid's builds and 
everything work as expected or even better.

> That's all guys, hope it's useful infos for Debian Live "newbies/not so
> advanced users" like me :-)

Nobody borns skilled.

> I will turn all this into a tutorial, if you wish.

Sure! We lack tutorials as well as good documentation.


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