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Re: ArtistX 0.6 question: rewrite wiki and manual

Hi all, time to report back!

ArtistX 0.6 seems running fine, it was a 3 day attempt but at the end I got it. :-)

Here's what I did (I'm preparing the tutorial):

A) create graphics customizations:

- create a 640x480 splash.png image for the isolinux background, put into config/binary_local-includes/isolinux/data/ - customize the README.html, README.mirrors.html .... cdrom files and put them into config/binary_local-includes/ - create a 1024x768 background-color.png image for the splashy background, put into config/chroot_local-includes/etc/splashy/themes/moreblue-orbit - create a 1024x768 moreblue-orbit-wallpaper.svg (infact is a jpeg just renamed to .svg), put into config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/images/desktop-base/

B) create a starting ISO (adding only splashy, splashy themes, kcontrol, konqueror, tango-icons-theme as a start to customize more after):

1) "lh_config" in an ARTISTX_0.6 directory somewhere on my Desktop
2) change config accordingly to my parameters (I'll try to keep online the config dir, which is the best place on Debian Live website? - or I could upload it on ArtistX website and link there). I change many things, most notably enabling the interactive build for later customizations.
3) "lh_build"
4) running live I install GNOME and KDE themes, enable the Debian Menu (otherwise many apps wont show in the "normal" Gnome menu and customize the Desktop (except for the background), copy /home/artistx/ into /tmp , compress it, send it to my building machine and put relevant files (.gnome2, .kde, .config, .local ...) it into config/chroot_local-includes/etc/skel/

C) create the final ISO

1) "lh_build"
2) when it has finished installing Gnome (gnome-full list) or Kde (kde-full list) it brings me to the prompt where I "apt-get install" all multimedia software
3) "apt-get clean"
4) "update-menus"
5) "update-rc.d -f service-name remove" to remove unnecessary starting services (like mysql or apache2 brought in by other software)
6) "exit" to start the building process

That's all, few problems:

1) if I use the config/chroot file for installing a lot of software (>2000) I will get a xargs error about cp not able to copy because of an "Argument list too long". So I enable the interactive build and apt-get from inside the chroot. 2) One thing it took me a long time to fix is that installing the "motion" software will prevent Debian Live from creating the ArtistX user with GID 1000, since motion is creating exactly the same GID for its user. What can be done? Ask the motion Debian packager to change the GID? 3) For some reason the file used for splashy background and Desktop background seems to default to the MoreBlue-Orbit theme 4) I don't know how to write a script so I'm out of luck for istant NTFS support, which needs the user ArtistX to be added to the fuse group. 5) The installer is not working: I enable the "live" installer, but when I try both Graphical and Text install I get a message after cdrom detection saying that the kernel modules could not be found, so the installation cannot continue. I think this is something regarding some modules debs name being too long for the ISO standard and being converted to shorter names just before .iso creation (after squash file creation). To whom should I report?

That's all guys, hope it's useful infos for Debian Live "newbies/not so advanced users" like me :-)
I will turn all this into a tutorial, if you wish.

Ciao all,


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